15/7-2016 - CIO Governance 2016 @ IDG Stockholm

Thomas tells the story about moving out into the forest to code and why the future of technology and nature are so intertwined.

23/4-2016 - Startup Day @ Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship: "Why I quit my job and apartment to live and code in the forest."

The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship welcomes you to Startup Day, an event gathering a a thousand people for a full day of eclectic startup inspiration and once-in-a-year networking.

Startup Day features inspiring founder stories on stage, an Impact Expo offering resources for growing startups, a pitch track, the Nordic Startup Awards, a Future of Fintech track and more than 1000 founders, entrepreneurs, students, VCs, press and other enthusiasts comprising an opportunity of awesomeness in one of the most formidable entrepreneurship ecosystems in the world.

26/9–2015 – TEDx UBIWiltz: "Architecting Happiness", Luxembourg

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"Thomas arrived at a point in his life where he found a glass wall between him and where he wanted to go. With so much clutter and luggage a regular life comes with - what maneuvering room is there for change? This would be the story about how he managed by getting rid of a lot in life, to carve out enough maneuvering room to build an international company, albeit small, from a tent in the Swedish forests, powered by solar panels and with close to zero money."